Henwood Sanitary & Hardware Trading LLC

This service is complemented by professional support,  which is delivered by a dedicated  team  that attends, promptly and competently to your needs. 
The company today operates from the main office in the heart of Sharjah with a wide range of   stocks and logistics. Henwood represents, renowned global brands in each specialized category of products  such as RAK Ceramics, Bossil, Atlas, Grohe, Cosmoplast, Jaguar, and many more.
In line with our vision, Henwood caters to customers who aspire for complete and coordinated plumbing and bathing solution. Henwood offers the best products range in faucets, sanitary ware, flushing systems, heaters, pipes and fittings, water pumps, R.O. plants, manhole covers, C.P. and brass fittings, different types of valves, pressure gauges, timers, automatic switches and many other industry related products.
In a dedicated move to endorse the green building norms, we endeavor to supply products meeting these specifications. We have a wide range of water saving products such as the Sensor and Presmatic taps, which bring in an incredible superior water saving advantage.