German Mirror Lubricants & Greases Co.

MIRR is distributed to many customers and organizations in different countries around the globe. We are producing Lubricants & Greases out of high quality virgin base stocks to match with superior quality additives with a complete German know how. We have lubricants for a wide range of applications like Automotive, Marine, Industrial and other specialty products. MIRR range of Lubricants includes synthetic and semi-synthetic Lubricants of different grades and viscosities to work effectively in a wide range of temperatures and conditions with extended lubricant intervals.
To enable MIRR to stand out in terms of quality and performance we have a team of highly qualified professionals. At German Mirror R&D is a continuous process with dedicated efforts for improvising the existing standards with the help of sophisticated technology in order to improve not only the performance but also the environmental compatibility.
To top it all we have a well-organized and well-implemented Quality Control system to ensure that the specified quality is achieved at every stage of production. Each and every Batch, which leaves the plant, is checked and tested in a well-equipped laboratory to ensure that the finished product meets all the International standards and specification  Submits.
Above all this, German Mirror gives an enormous Advertisement & Promotional support to its agents and customers in order to enable them an easy Promotion and a better market. The Ad & Promotion department develops new and unique ideas to educate the end user about MIRR Lubricants.
As a dedicated Lubricant industry we have a passiontowards exploring new dimensions in product development and improved services to meet the ever-changing demands of the Global market.