Emirates Computers Company LLC

Emirates Computers was founded in 1978 in the UAE with the aim to provide world-class technology solutions to the region. With over 37 years of experience in designing and implementing a wide range of solutions using products and services from global partners, Emirates Computers today stands for Competence, Commitment and Ethics. Emirates Computers established a prominent presence in the public and private UAE sectors by building long-term relationships based on value-added services.
Everything changed about how we do business except for our client-centric culture of putting our clients’ interest above all and building long term relationships. Since we began doing business as one of the first IT companies in the UAE, we introduced “solutions” to the market, and by that we mean products coupled with a purpose, a benefit, and an unparalleled support.
We started with Wang Computers and introduced word processing and then office automation. We built bilingual applications on top of the first relational databases. We introduced affordable technical workstations and parallel processing to graphically visualize and manipulate very large data sets in real-time. We introduced mobile communication with Nokia in 1990.
But times have changed and Emirates Computers’ focus changed from product-first to value-add. After almost 4 decades in business in the UAE, EC has developed a unique set of skills that we can employ to bring the best companies and solutions in the world to our clients. In this capacity EC acts more like a consultant but with a roll-up your sleeves and get it done approach.
We are not consultants though; we are a hands-on tech solution provider, and the way we go about our business is by focusing on our Value Add: Business Development, Project Management, Relationship Management and Support & Services.