Electromec Company LLC

Since 1979
Our growth has gone beyond the boundaries of the UAE to encompass other areas of the Middle East.
Electromec, primarily a supply centre, have gone beyond being purely a trading house and is enhanced by the expertise, technical knowledge, experience and personal involvement of our entire staff.

Additionally years of personal association with reputable companies has empowered us to negotiate the best prices with our manufacturers – so as to benefit our customers. We have an edge as we can supply the best products in the market place at the most competitive price, without compromising on quality.
Electromec has a ready stock of Electrical equipment and allied accessories with a well stocked supply centre of 80,000 sq ft and a comprehensive distribution system. There is no time lapse between the order and delivery. We have what you need, when you need, where you need.
At Electromec we are there to assist you at every step, whether it is to discuss an idea, work through a design, or simply place an order. All customers have the advantage of a range of unrivalled goods, services and benefits through us.