Dubai Gynaecology & Fertility Centre

Since 1991
Dubai Gynaecology & Fertility Centre (DGFC) is one of the leading centres in the Gulf region and the Middle East.  It offers gynaecology and infertility management for UAE and non-UAE nationals, as well as non-resident couples. Since its establishment in 1991, DGFC has continued to deliver distinguished services in the field of gynaecology and fertility management.  The centre has an array of state-of-the-art equipments in all of its operational areas — from the operating rooms to the fertility, andrology and ultrasound laboratories. With time, up-to-date medical knowledge, patience and goodwill, the DGFC medical team helps couples to fully understand their medical problem and the type of treatment they require. The team consists of gynaecology, fertility and obstetrics specialists that are well trained and meet the highest international standards in their respective fields. In addition, our medical team is skilled in performing operative hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, ultrasound scans and procedures done under ultrasound guide.