Dewan Architects & Engineers

Founded in 1984 by its current Chairman and Managing Director Mohamed Al Assam, Dewan's first office was inaugurated in Abu Dhabi. Just four years later in 1988, Dewan successfully completed its first high-rise commercial project – the prestigious Baniyas Tower. With this achievement, Dewan firmly established itself as a major player on the regional architectural scene.

Dewan launched its Dubai design studio in 1999, in response to the emirate's need for iconic yet efficient design solutions. Since then, Dewan has been a renowned and celebrated contributor to Dubai's internationally-acclaimed and award-winning skyline.

Over the years Dewan has reinforced its distinguished credentials with a growing network of offices around the world – in particular the Middle East and North Africa region. Today, Dewan is regarded as a global multidisciplinary practice. It is ranked as one of the top three firms regionally, and as one of the top 50 across the world.