Central Bureau Recruitment Services

We are a standard professional organization considered to be a trademark in the manpower outsourcing industry providing levels of services to our business partners where excellence and commitment becomes a standard of life style.
We believe in attracting, developing, motivating and retaining a diversified workforce within a healthy environment.
As CBRS grew, we created the standards that have come to define modern staffing and recruiting. Customers benefit from Central Bureau Recruitment Services swift responsiveness, excellent customer service and bilingual staff. Customers do not need to look any further when seeking reliable and time-saving Recruitment & Manpower services as we form deep and long-lasting business partnerships with our clients to ease their staffing dilemmas. We assure our clients our services and solutions, as usual, are cost effective and value-driven.
Our assets are our people. We recognize their importance in the company, and hence our hiring process is rigorous just so to build our team of highly skilled and talented personnel.