Betalink Instrumentation & Calibration Services LLC

Since 2007
We are dedicated to serve in the field of instrumentation and control related to oil and gas, power, water, petrochemical, processing industries enterprising calibration, testing, third party inspection and certification, training, assessment, supply and maintenance facilities.
Our objectives are tailored to meet all and user’s requirements we have developed our own understanding of customer needs and dedicated at all times to be the best at what we do for our customer’s permanent satisfaction.
Our services meet the national and international and standards set forth by national and international government bodies therefore being one of the accredited facility from municipality we are building are trust in our customers by full filling their requirements, who are proud to have a great association with us since years of expertise.
Betalink is dedicated to serve the field of instrumentation & control related to oil & gas, power, water, and petrochemical, survey instruments, measuring instruments and processing industry. Our strength is our intellectual capital. A talent pool of highly-qualified and experienced engineers and technicians, who work 24×7 on various projects including repair and calibration, lifting and services. We firmly believe that the customer always comes first.
We would like to welcome you to be a part of our promising services. We believe we will continue to evolve as a truly great company.