Asian Tiger Shipping LLC

Asian Tiger Shipping LLC was incorporated in 2007 in Dubai, The founding Directors RebyDas Nair and Rajesh Menoth with their experience along with talent contributed in creating a leading shipping and logistics enterprise in UAE.
Reby with his decades of experience in developing products and building international relationships enables Asian Tiger Shipping to foster strong bonding with Multinational companies and experts in Shipping and Logistics. From the formative years to being CEO of a leading shipping Agency and NVOCC was testimony to his immense creative ability to develop products and service choices enabling company to steady with financial strength. Reby started career in India and added expertise on other regions along with his career. His Pan- Global expertise helps Asian Tiger Shipping Bridge business operations at various locations. He is driving force behind the fast growing BOX OPERATIONS and NVOCC ACITVITIES of Asian Tiger Shipping. 
Rajesh with his decades of experience in Sales, Marketing and business development created a sustainable model of total logistics and 100% Retainership of clients. He is seen in the industry as a man with MIDAS touch when it comes to developing client retention and relationship. Needless to say he spearheads Asian Tiger Shipping client development which forms base of any successful organization. His strong understanding of GCC Industry helped Asian Tiger Shipping to develop over the last few years into a strong logistics service provider in the region. 
Asian Tiger Shipping roots its success and model on employee commitment and growth. Inspirational Mangers & leaders at all levels work to achieve ever climbing client aspirations, targets and growth expectations. More valuable clients are added every passing quarter with 24x7 commitment and service mindset of Team Asian Tiger Shipping.
We at Asian Tiger Shipping take immense pride in making shipping and logistics simplified to our well deserving clients and setting new trends in trade.