Artica Interiors

Over the years, Artica Interiors has built a client base in top residential, retail, commercial and hospitality sectors while garnering a reputation for producing state of the art interior designs of the very highest standards.
Artica Interiors was founded in 2002 by Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Khaja, an Emarati entrepreneur and an American Interior Architecture graduate, to meet the demand for the interior design & build services in the rapidly growing market of the United Arab Emirates.
The Company constitutes of two main independent sections, namely the Design section and the Fit-out Section. The Design section of the Company, equipped with a very talented team of interior designers & 3D visualizers offers interior design solutions to a diverse range of projects. The Fit-out section of the Company has an in-house Joinery Factory and offers turn-key interior fit-out services to a wide range of clients. Both sections of the Company operate independently and at times compliment each other on design & build projects.
The success of Artica is down to the simple philosophy; to stay loyal to the client’s brief and meet the requirements of functionality, yet at the same time, create an interior that meet the highest international standards, whilst providing a unique and memorable experience for the clients.
Artica’s talented team provides a uniquely intelligent approach to each individual project using the latest technologies and trends in interior design, resulting in innovative and unique interior designs, which are tailored to meet our clients’ exacting requirements.