Ariba Celcom LLC

Since 1999
The products we represent are designed to provide mission critical voice, dispatching, surveillance and management capacity across various geographic areas.
We can assist customers from a broad spectrum of industries in developing complete site solutions, from survey, to installation, operation, upgrading, technical support and training, using the most appropriate mix of products and technologies.

Our two-way radio division works with well-known protocols, such as TETRA, DMR and NEXEDGE. We also support traditional mobile, voice and data communications, including analogue radios and CCTV. Our product range includes portable radios, mobile radios, covert radios, intrinsically-safe radios, repeaters, data applications, multi-site IP connections, trunking systems and associated accessories. 
In order to maintain our client-driven approach, we continuously look to add more partners to our product portfolio so as to better serve our customers.