Arctic Co LLC

Working with our clients our specialist skills and knowledge is driven by market expertise. We understand that all of our markets have a unique set of requirements and that these are always changing as clients respond to what is going on around them. Our teams make it their job to know what is happening and make sure that the technical engineering advice and installation services we provide are the best they can possibly be.
When Arctic was in the earlier stages, most of our growth came from our unique model for-filling the local requirements which we are still are involved with as the UAE is growing rapidly but as we mature our markets change too. 
The contracts are shifting from being small and procured locally to international contracts. Arctic is now a company who works globally outsourcing our expertise and talents. We work with our customers to combine our services on large- scale contracts such as Emirates Park Hotel - Dubai, Sheikh Rashid Terminal I and II - Dubai, Emirates Twin Towers - Dubai, Zadco-Gasco HQ - Abu Dhabi...and Heydar Aliyev Cultral Center - Azerbejan, as well as high profile contracts such Sidra Medical College & Research Center - Doha , 
More than 31 years of success... and we've only just begun.