American European Medical Center

The American European Medical Center is now one of the leading out-patient medical centers in the capital city of Abu Dhabi and was awarded "Best Rated Hospital for Medical Quality Services" by National Insurance Company Daman for the 2009-present cycle.
The American European Medical Center concentrates its core business on recruiting thoroughly trained, competent staff that practice with ethics and compassion, the latest in evidence based medicine armed in addition to their wealthy knowledge, by the most recent of what technology has to offer in the medical services delivery arena. The plethora of innovating ideas helps our doctors to practice in a professional atmosphere, focusing on the patient, rationally utilizing resources, and without compromising the quality of care.
Apart from offering an array of superior medical services, the American European Medical Center has thrust its unmitigated expertise into the field of occupational medicine for the most renowned grand scale construction projects currently underway in Abu Dhabi.