Ali Gholami Vegetables & Fruits Co. LLC

Gholami & Abedi Vegetables & Fruits Co. L.L.C and Ali Gholami Vegetables& Fruits Co. L.L.C is a family owned business encouraging a complete "hands on" approach to quality control. Bringing the freshest fruits and vegetables to the UAE from around the world since 1970. For us quality is a passion and we work single mindedly to achieve excellence in bringing the best to the UAE.
We believe in long lasting relationships and all our business practices are based on strong corporate ethics. We maintain high quality and strict delivery schedules to successfully cater to our clients' specific requirements, consistently. Being in the perishable goods industry we safeguard our customers' interests through timely deliveries and excellent service. 
In the past four (4) decade we have gained the confidence of our customers through our expertise in providing quality products to importers, exporters and distributors alike. It is a combination of experience and resources that makes us a leading player in the industry. Our products are graded to meet international standards and can be enjoyed with the full confidence of being the best available.