Al Muftah International LLC

Since then company is involved with rapid expansion in fabricating and value addition services in the setting up oil field installation over the years.

We have secured a list of overseas companies to provide their products and involved them in major gas installation projects and related services.

The company is involved in trading and supplying of Industrial gases and related products in GCC and middle-east countries.

Today, we have established ourselves as a major inventory holder for cryogenic equipments viz micro bulk tanks[1000L to 3000L], VI piping and flexible hoses, cryogenic pumps, vaporizers and seamless gas cylinders of 10 to 67 L capacity cylinders at 150 to 300 bar. We have approved DNV certification, for the fabrication of Racks / Quads at our engineering facility at Sharjah.

With our 32 years experience in the industrial gases in the middle east we strive to become main supplier and service provider for gas handling equipments to industrial ,medical and oil field industry.