Al Jedar Trading

After years of research and study, Al Jedar Trading was founded.  The company is today’s the leading supplier of Diamond Tools and chemical treatment for Marble & Granite factories. “Jedar is renamed from an ancient archaeological history that could build a wall made of   Stone which simply means “undefeated”. With the significance attached to the name, Al Jedar Trading became undefeated in terms selling products and services offered in the local Market.
Started off with a small trading with a handful of workers back in early stage, Al Jedar was able to enlarge its human resources, facilities and scope of areas after a decade of operation. The company focuses mainly on every aspect of customer demand, creating awareness, boosting customer confidence; trust & loyalty are simply the Marketing Strategies that the company’s develop during early stage of establishment. Now, Al Jedar Trading was able to saturate the eight countries of United Arab Emirates, established Stainless Steel Factory in 2008 and  Al Jedar Building Contracting in 2009 both solely independent to one another .
With the unexpected growth, Al Jedar committed itself internationally by establishing branches in the GCC Countries such as Al Jedar Al Fuddy Trading located in Doha Qatar, Al Jedar Al Fuddy Trading Company with add on services in Retipping segments, aligning   and tensioning works located in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Al Jedar Al Fasel LLC located in Muscat Sultanate of Oman.