Al Hasoun Arabian Group

Al Hasoun has been very successful in executing various projects for the last 25 years in U.A.E and GCC Countries. The reputed clients have awarded us prestigious projects Our timely completion of projects coupled with high standards of safety has paved way for reour and The Company has been operating its business in the U.A.E. for the last 25 years and has built its reputation in the construction industry very quickly leading to the undertaking of new types of projects.
Al Hasoun’s unparalled experience demonstrates its versatility in completing projects. The company has a proven track record and its professional philosophy of completing projects on time, satisfying client needs and employing the most seasoned professionals has contributed greatly to this.

Al Hasoun has stood strong for a quarter of a century and continues to grow because of its ability to create innovative solutions, and the perseverance to set new standards of excellence and its determination to successfully complete projects on time and within the budget.