Al Ghaith & Co

Formed in 1981 by the late Khalaf Saeed Al Ghaith, the firm has grown from strength to strength and in 2015, it is recognised as one of the leading firms in Dubai.
Its membership of MSI Global Alliance ensures that Al Ghaith & Co is probably the only 100% locally owned accounting firm with such a wide international exposure.
Notwithstanding this international support, Al Ghaith & Co is primarily concerned with audit and accounting work for its clients within UAE. The client mix is roughly 7:3 local to international organisations whilst the client base comprises some of the leading families in Dubai.
For the past thirty four years - and as one of the oldest accounting firms in Dubai - Al Ghaith & Co has had a proud tradition of employing high levels of professional and ethical standards. The firm believes that such standards must be maintained if both Al Ghaith & Co and the accountancy profession in UAE are to gain the confidence and respect of both the local and international business communities.
In the absence of any local guidelines, Al Ghaith & Co has always operated under international accounting standards and has maintained an enviable reputation for its fair and impartial advice.
The professional background of its staff gives Al Ghaith & Co the experience necessary to undertake any task given by a client in those areas normally associated with public accountants.
Al Ghaith & Co has always been seen to provide personalised service in addition to work that is of the highest quality but at the same time very cost effective. This is mainly due to the fact that office overheads are a lot lower than most other international accounting firms.