ARJ Holding

We are expanding into new areas that include landscaping, construction, and construction equipment. Our organisation represents some of the world's biggest firms and our clients are governments and large global players. 
We aim to become a foremost provider in the electromechanical, building, construction and landscaping product and service industry in the GCC, and we have a strategy to this end. Essentially we are a firm of engineers, finance and human resource professionals, and business managers. We employee over 1000 people in 4 countries yet our reach is global. 
1964 marks our beginning. Our founder Mr. Ahmed Ramadhan Juma, a name that remains synonymous with self-respect, dependability, and modesty. The business back then concerned the sale of water pumps as it does today, though now we are ARJ Holding, a group of companies, Our core businesses serve the building and construction industry, in water pump assembly and sales, electrical and electromechanical engineering, property development, sales and leasing, and landscaping. With the corporate headquarters in Dubai, you will also find our offices in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and India.